Getting started with Zapier and PDF Blocks

How to setup Zapier to start using PDF Blocks.


To start using PDF Blocks, you need:

Your API key

You can get your API key in your dashboard.

This API key only gives the holder (for example your Power Automate account) access to the PDF Blocks service. Someone with the API key can’t access your documents or private input data because we don’t store your documents or data. Anyway, keep it safe and don’t post it in public.

If you want to reset your API key, contact support.

Step 1: Choose PDF Blocks

In your zap, add a new action. In the Action panel search for PDF Blocks, and click the PDF Blocks icon.

Add PDF Blocks to your zap

Step 2: Choose an action

In the Action Event field choose one of PDF Blocks actions. In the example shown below the action Add Password to PDF is chosen.

Choose one of PDF Blocks actions

The next step is to link your PDF Blocks account to your Zapier account. You need to do this one time and the connection will be saved for future zaps. Click in the blue Sign in to PDF Blocks button.

Link your account

A window will open asking for your PDF Blocks API key.

Add your credentials

In API Endpoint use:

  • to use any available server.
  • to use only European servers

Leave the default global API Endpoint to use any available server. If you want your documents processed exclusively in European servers, choose the European-only endpoint.

After you link your account, you are ready to use any of PDF Blocks’ actions for Zapier: