How to merge PDF documents in Power Automate

How to merge PDF in Power Automate

A common request we see from our customers is asking how to merge or combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF. You can merge PDFs automatically using Power Automate and the Merge Documents action in PDF Blocks.

Merge PDFs in Power Automate

  1. Add PDF Blocks’ Merge Documents action to your Power Automate flow.
  2. Add the documents you want to merge.
  3. Retrieve the merged PDF document.


You need a PDF Blocks account to use our Merge PDF action. Register for a 14-day free trial of PDF Blocks (no credit card required).

Step 1: Add the Merge Documents Action to Your Power Automate Flow

To add this as a new action, search for PDF Blocks, and add the Merge PDF Documents action that appears below in the Actions submenu.

Search and add Merge PDF documents action

First time users of PDF Blocks will be prompted by Power Automate to create a new connection. Use any name you wish as a Connection Name, input the API key you received by email from PDF Blocks during registration, and leave the Server Hostname blank.

Create a connection

Step 2. Add the Documents You Want to Merge

Add PDF files that you’ve previously created from connectors like SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, and many more. You can merge up to 10 PDF documents in a single action. The fields containing the first five documents are visible, click “Show advanced options” to reveal the rest.

Add documents to merge

Step 3. Retrieve the Merged PDF Document

You can use the merged PDF document in any action that accepts PDF files as a valid input format, such as Create File in OneDrive or Send Mail in Outlook.

Use the merged document in a next action

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