Self-Hosted PDF Blocks Server

Docker and PDF Blocks

Process your sensitive documents in your own PDF Blocks server, either in your infrastructure or in your cloud servers in AWS, Azure, Heroku, etc.

You can use your self-hosted PDF Blocks server in integration platforms, such as Power Automate and Zapier, and in your applications with our API.

You can also use PDF Blocks run by us.


The license costs $2900 or €2500 per year, plus taxes if applicable. You can use it to process unlimited documents on any number of servers within your company.

You can also use our secure and reliable cloud service, starting at $29 per month.


You can evaluate PDF Blocks Server as long as you want. A small mark is placed at the bottom of each processed document during the evaluation. To remove the mark, purchase a license and configure the license key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my self-hosted PDF Blocks server to process documents from Power Automate or Zapier?

Yes, as long as your server allows traffic from the Internet. Heroku is the easiest way to have your own secure, Internet-accessible PDF Blocks server.

Does my self-hosted PDF Blocks server communicate with other servers?

No. Your PDF Blocks server doesn’t talk to any external server or service: no calling home, no license checking, no telemetry, etc. You can even run it in an air-gapped environment, totally disconnected from the Internet.

What is the minimum term for the license

One year.

What happens after my license expires?

Your PDF Blocks server will stop working 30 days after your license expires. You will need to purchase and configure a new license key to keep it working.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with credit and debit cards, ACH direct debit (for US customers), SEPA direct debit (for European customers), and wire or international money transfers.

What are the terms of the license agreement?

Check our End User License Agreement.